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4 Ways You Can Support Your Child Athlete

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Being a parent of a youth athlete is an exciting journey filled with victories, challenges, and many memorable moments. As your child takes on the world of sports, your role as a supportive parent can have a profound impact on their growth and success on and off the court.

Here are 4 ways you can better support your athlete, nurture their talents and encourage a positive experience.

Be a Good Listener and Communicator

Keeping an open line of communication with your child is vital. Make sure you take the time to listen to their thoughts, concerns, and excitement about their sports dreams.

Try to find a way to be realistic with them without being overly critical or judgemental, as this may discourage open dialogue.

Offer constructive feedback when necessary and let them know that you are there to support them full, both in success and setbacks.

Foster a Healthy Perspective on Competition

Competition is natural in sports, but it’s important to maintain a healthy perspective. While winning is great, losing is not the end of the world and the lessons learned from those losses are just as valuable.

Make sure your child understands the journey of sports and encourage them to set personal goals and work on improving their own performance, rather than comparing themselves to others.

Child often look to their parents as role roles, so it’s also important to show good sportsmanship, respect for the game, and appreciation for the efforts of their teammates and opponents alike. This will help teach your child that winning graciously and losing with dignity are essential aspects of being true champion, on and off the court.

Prioritize Rest and Recovery

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While some sports are more physically demanding than others, every sport requires a varying amounts of physical exertion and because of this, they all share the same risk for injury. This why rest and recovery is so very important, because you don’t want your child to experience a career-ending injury before their career even begins!

Make sure they are getting an adequate amount of sleep every night. It’s also helpful to stock up on recovery supplies, like ice packs, heating pads, compression sleeves, Epson salt, etc.

Depending on how committed your athlete is, you could also look into athletic recovery specialists who provide services such as massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc.  

This will not only help them achieve peak performance, but it will also help them balance other responsibilities they have without being overburdened or stressed.  

Be Mindful of Their Limits and Boundaries

A study published by Sport, Education and Society suggests that parents should be more mindful of how many extracurricular activities their children are involved in.

According to researchers, having a jam-packed daily schedule for kids can do more harm than good by placing more stress and strain on the child, their families and resources. This can take a toll on a child’s mental health, which could lead to heightened levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

Researchers also found that having too many extracurricular activates actually dominated family life, which has a negative impact on everyone involved because families are spending less quality time together, and parents’ money and energy were totally spent.

Our research highlights that the reality can be somewhat different. While children might experience some of these benefits, a busy organized activity schedule can put considerable strain on parents’ resources and families’ relationships, as well as potentially harm children’s development and well-being.

Sport, Education and Society

If your child starts complain about certain activities, or they don’t show as much interest / excitement as they used to, it may be time to revisit if that sport is right for them. The last thing that you want if for your child to fall behind academically and socially because they are stretched too thin.

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